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Welcome to the Minevibe Official forums! We welcome you all to join us on an epic adventure.

Minevibe is a combination of a fun and competitive experience. We are a minigames network at heart, but will also feed the audience with a twist from the classic and well-known, Factions game mode. Our game will be called Kingdoms. There will be many other fun game modes for the future, but for now we are keeping it to Skywars, Arcade (releasing with one game titled 'One Hit'), as well as Kingdoms.

These game modes will be the core of our network and we hope to create an enjoyable experience for all and continue to give you the best content possible.

Our forums are now open and we encourage you all to make friends, start discussions, and express your hype! We promise we won't let you down.

Our server is something you haven't seen before! We take twists off the game modes you LOVE and make them into something better. We are... something different. We are the server you want to be at right now. From a wide range of content creators on-board to some of the most talented people leading this project, we promise you an experience like no other.

Our Leadership team, the core of our network, consists of five members at the moment:
@Unstitched, @Justenn, @Kyle, @Nathan, @TheOriginalAce.

Each of these people have different tasks and responsibilities within our network. Their titles can be find on their profiles. They each lead teams and handle general admin oversight.
Our administration team will handle the overall well-being of the network, from areas such as Community Management, Staff Management, Graphics & Design, Development, and more!

Lastly, our Twitter.
Go give our Twitter a nice follow!

We have recently posted our Hype Tweet consisting of a short video to introduce you to our network. Also, if you'd like, give it a quick...​
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