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2 Truths and a Lie Forum Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ExpertOfChess, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. ExpertOfChess

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    Aug 10, 2018
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    Hey everybody!

    This is a fun, basic forum game I found while browsing through the internet. I'm sure most, if not all, of you are familiar with the game "2 truths and a lie." A player provides three statements about themselves, two of which are true, one of which is a lie. The other player(s) will try to guess which statement is the lie. Generally, players provide bizarre facts about themselves in an attempt to complicate the game and to make it more difficult for the other players to deduce or surmise the incorrect statement. I encourage you all to post three interesting statements about yourselves and to hide the incorrect response in a spoiler as shown in the example below. This will allow anyone that views the thread to play the game and to mentally guess the lies in the other players' posts. These statements can be Minecraft achievements, proud accomplishments, or anything else that describes you. Make sure that your statements follow the Minevibe rules and that they do not reveal too much about yourself or anyone else.

    As for my three statements...

    1) I was the state chess champion for my grade for a year.

    2) I won the school spelling bee in 6th grade.

    3) I speak Bulgarian quite well.

    1) True: I was indeed the Georgia state chess champion for my grade for a year. Sadly, the next year I performed quite poorly and lost my title.

    2) False: My spelling is actually quite bad. Somehow, I managed to get fifth in my middle school's spelling bee when I was in the sixth grade, but that was the closest I ever got to winning.

    3) True: Growing up with two Bulgarian parents, it should come at no surprise that I can speak Bulgarian at least to some extent. However, it does take me a bit longer to read and write in Bulgarian.
  2. Rex

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    Oct 15, 2018
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    1.) I speak fluent Spanish

    2.) I was once a soccer player

    3.) I have relatives across the world

    1.) False: I do not know how to say a full sentence in Spanish.

    2.) True: I played fro around 5-6 years as a goalie!

    3.) True: I have a very large family in different states and countries!
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