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[GUIDE] All 5 thread stamps

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rex, Nov 15, 2018.

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    Aloha Minevibe community!
    This thread will be short and sweet, explaining the five different types of thread stamps
    I thought I might as well include some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
    This is directed toward newer members of the forums but the old can learn too
    Hope you enjoy!


    What is a watched thread?

    A watched thread is the only kind of thread that is specific for each forum user. This means that each person has their own unique list of threads that are watched for them.
    The other thread stamps affect the thread for everyone.
    When a member makes a thread be watched, they will receive an alert over the forums the first time someone replies to the thread after you've checked it.

    How do I watch a thread?
    There are two ways.
    If you have selected the preference of watching a thread you create or replied to, then when you do so, you'll automatically watch it.
    Edit that preference here.
    You can also manually watch a thread by opening the thread and clicking "Watch Thread" in the upper-right corner

    How do I unwatch a thread?
    Simply open the watched thread and click on "Unwatch Thread" in the upper-right corner

    Where can I see a list of my watched threads?

    That link will list all your watched threads that have an unread reply

    I'm getting spammed with "Username replied to thread. There may be more posts after this" in notifications. How do I stop it?
    You can unwatch the thread using methods above or simply ignore the notification. Next time someone posts, since you didn't view the thread, you won't get a new alert.


    What is a pinned thread?
    A pinned thread is a thread that stays at the top of the list of threads in a section of the forums
    It's almost like pinned threads have their own mini-section on top of the regular threads
    They still can follow the "Start Date," "Number of Replies," and "Latest Comment," way of organizing threads but in their own mini-section
    These threads also have a tan color background to them instead of the normal white

    Who can pin threads?
    Unfortunately, only forum members with Moderator or above can sticky whatever threads they want. Normal members can't do it themselves

    How do I get my thread pinned?
    Most threads are pinned because they are very useful at helping players learn information. These guides can be made by both staff and other members
    If you're aiming to get a thread pinned, you'd have to put a lot of effort in it and make it have a goal of helping those who read it.

    Do pinned threads ever go away?
    Some threads can get pinned and then unpinned. Therefore, they'll be able to fall down the list of recent commented threads just like all the others


    What is a locked thread?
    A locked thread is a thread that cannot be commented/replied on except by Moderators or above. These threads tend to leave the recent commented threads list as no normal player can reply and "bump" them up the list

    Why do threads get locked?
    Threads can get locked from many reasons but the ultimate goal is to prevent them from showing up on the recent commented thread list.
    First, threads may be break some of the basic forum rules. This includes being toxic to other players in examples or to staff in examples like complaints, and necroposting.

    Necroposting is when you post on a thread that isn't locked but hasn't been replied to in over 3 weeks. This is bad because the information in the thread might be incorrect and confuse players as the server changes over the long time period.
    Another way threads get locked is in order to prevent other members from questioning firm rules and guidelines. For example, threads like the Official Rules of Minevibe are locked. Also, threads can be locked if the thread is based on a question and the question is solved.
    Finally, threads such as rule breaker reports, ban appeals, and staff applications are locked as they are marked as concluded. This allows them to go down the list and for new ones to pop up at the top so they can be addressed appropriately

    How can I lock my own thread?
    If you posted the wrong thing, had your question answered, or just want to save yourself from some embarrassment, you can lock your own thread by requesting from a mod. This can be done by pressing the "Report" button on your own thread. Fill in the reason with "Owner of thread requesting lock." A moderator will see it and lock it shortly. If this doesn't work, a different method is to tag (using @ and then directly followed by their forum username) a moderator and saying "Please lock."

    If a thread is locked, is it gone forever?
    While the thread will certainly leave the recently commented on threads list, it'll still be on the forums site. You can find it if you look for the page using Google's search engine. For example, you just need to type "minevibe forums" then include keywords found in the thread. It'll show up and you can open and view it even if it's locked.

    My thread was locked for some reason, should I make a new one?
    No, if your thread was locked, you should not go and make the exact same thread. Moderators have a good reason to lock. They usually mention why they are locking but if they don't, that doesn't mean you should just make a new thread. If you have to, private message them and ask why your thread was locked but don't publicly make a second one as this negates the effect of the locking in the first place.


    What is an important thread?
    An important thread is any thread that has been replied to or started by a Minevibe staff member of Admin/Moderator or above. This declares the thread "important" because Admins or above usually have something meaningful to say and is worth looking at.


    What is a redirected thread?
    Out of all the stamps, this one is easily the rarest. When a thread is created, it's assigned to a forum section where you have to enter in order to view it. A redirected thread is any thread that's forum section changed. For example, the thread was created in the Minevibe Server Discussion Section but it was moved later to the Ideas and Feedback Section. The thread in the old section will have the stamp on it as well as the number of replies and views listed as just "-". For the last message, it won't say a user's name but only "N/A".

    What happens to the "old" thread?
    The thread will stay in the original section forever but will not be "bumped" up the recently updated list in the original section. It will quickly disappear from the old section's recently updated list while the thread in the new section will act just like any other thread. The old thread will always link to the thread in the correct section whenever you click on it.

    Why is a thread redirected?
    A thread can only be redirected by forum users with the moderator rank or above. This is to prevent abuse of moving other people's threads around or constantly moving your own. A thread usually is redirected because it did not belong in the original section of the forums. So it is moved to a more appropriate section to avoid confusion and inaccurate responses.

    How can I get my thread to be redirected?
    You can always request a moderator to redirect your thread. A simple way is to click on the Report button of the thread and fill in the Report Reason with "Wrong Section" or "Please move to 'X' Section."

    You can also contact them through in game or forums private messaging. Make sure to indicate which section you want them to move it to and include your thread link.

    Does redirecting affect the thread in anyway?
    The only thing that changes when a thread is redirected is the forum section it is in. The posts, view counts, ratings will all stay the same. Redirecting should never negatively affect the post.

    Thanks for reading!
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    MEH BAD! Fixed it!
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