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[GUIDE] All aspects of PvP

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rex, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Sawubona there Minevibe Community!
    I have been getting lots of messages and DMs of how I PvP and get so much reach to a player. In this guide I will go over every aspect of Minecraft PvP, what I use, and how to improve your own skills and to become better at the game! In this thread I will just explain ever method I know of to PvP and how to do it. The list is organized of what order you should learn them in. Before we start, let's learn some basic vocabulary!
    • FPS - Frames per second - FPS levels above the mark of 60 is the best for performance.​
    • Mods - An in-game modification that allows the player to influence game-play.​
    • Lag - Increase in ping making your connection un-stable or a decrease in FPS making your game look glitchy​
    • GUI - In-game screens that pop-up and allow you to accomplish curtain tasks​
    • Ping - The amount of milliseconds it takes to register an action to the server​
    These are the basics of PvP and always used in every battle even if you don't think they are. These are required to even PvP in general to any player, mob, etc.

    Aiming is the most important skill in Minecraft. To do this, simply move your mouse around until your cross-hair is on the player, then start left-clicking. You should never aim at the head or body of your opponent, always am for the feet to maximize reach and hits.

    This is the one of the most important things to do if you want to even stand a chance to beat them no matter the circumstances. It will always help you get better combos and do so much more then just hit them a few times

    This is required for anything you do in Minecraft. It does not matter how fast or slow you click, it only matters if you can constantly do it throughout a battle. It is always easier to practice this to ensure higher clicking speed. I just simply tap my finger on my table when I am bored and it helps me click faster.

    These are things that can be ought to you or you can learn yourself. Many of these things are used by many people and it is why some players can beat you most of the time in PvP.

    This is another important step in PvP as it allows you to either move your mouse faster, or slow it down. It makes it move farther with shorter strokes on your mouse pad, or longer stokes with shorter movement. It is very effective for any person what is even considered the best PvPer in the community!

    Block-Hitting happens when you are attacking a player and you are left-clicking, and right-clicking at the same time. This causes you to swing and block your sword, hence the name 'Block-Hitting'. It helps you take less knock-back and deal more.

    Strafing helps you move around more so you can't/ don't get hit as much and you can hit the player more! All you have to do is hold down your "A" key while holding "W" and moving your mouse to make a circle. When you have done this to an opponent for about 1-2 seconds, use your "S" key to turn the opposite way!

    This is 1 of 2 ways you can go to PvP. This method is for getting more knock-back to the player to knock them off the edge or something. This can also be used if you have the "Swiftness" effect active while fighting. Accomplish this by holding down your "W" key, then letting go for a split second immediately placing your finger back to the key. This CAN be done while strafing.

    This method is also used for knock-back but in a different way. It helps you achieve a guaranteed hit on somebody. You must have a 'fishing rod' in your inventory and cast the rod at them, when it hits them, immediately return to your sword and start attacking them. This is generally used to start a combo.

    This is a critical part to PvP if you are going into a lengthy battle with multiple items you need to use on hand. This is always used to get something to your hand in the fastest manor possible. Just go to your minecraft controls, and set your hot-bar slots to anything you wish. I recommend keys close to "WASD" to get them easier. It will feel weird but you will get used to it!

    This is method 2 of 2 of ways to PvP. This method is used for combos. A combo is greatly achieved when you stop in front of a player, attack, sprint in their direction them in a repeated process to ensure great hits. Just do this by using any finger to tap your "S" key while holding down your "W" simultaneously. This CANNOT be done while strafing.

    Jitter Clicking:
    Jitter clicking is so far down on this list because it is most often used, but not in the right way. You can learn how to jitter click here, and find out the affects of it here. It is used by high-skilled PvPers because they think they should learn it. The only outcome of this is taking less knock-back

    Mods can be used t o influence the outcome of game-play. Some mods are allowed on the server but some aren't. You can find a list of those mods here. Most mods are used to make a players skill better, or sometimes not. Here are some commonly used modifications that inherent game-play and their purpose:

    This is commonly used for it's special ability's. This is always used to increase FPS values and inherent game-play on any server or single player world. This also allows you to toggle curtain un-needed textures that lag your game!

    Toggle Sprint/Sneak:

    This is in the name, but it allows you to keep sprinting endlessly as long the mod is enabled. The 'Sneak' part of it is always disallowed on many servers because you can use any GUI without being seen.

    There are many types of HUDs that do a lot of different things. This is a list of all HUDs in-game:
    -ArmorStatus - Shows the armor you are wearing and the durability of it
    -Direction - Shows you the way you are facing and what coordinates will change if you travel that way
    -StatusEffect - Shows you all current potion effects with the time left on them
    -Other HUDs - Shows basic information on your screen such as item count, time, light level, environment, etc.
    Display mods:
    These mods come in different variety's that show you special things that are not on the default load-on screen. Here are some examples:
    -KeystrokesMod - Shows what keys you tap (including spacebar)
    -CPSMod - Shows you CPS while fighting
    -ComboCounter- Shows how many times you have hit a player without getting hit back
    -FPSMod - Shows how much FPS you have in-game
    -Mini-map - Shows all entity's and players in the world within a curtain amount of blocks ​

    This mod is very handy at times as there if a default timing decrease that makes you have delayed movement in Minecraft. So you may move your mouse at 10% speed, the game will only register maybe 6-7% speed. This mod fixes that and allows you to register more hits.

    These are some other major factors that may or may not influence your reach, hits, or anything that may cause you to get those few extra hits to win the battle!

    Y Level:
    Y level means that you are below the opposing player, this allows you to extend to greater reach then default because of your default pivot range. It allows you to get an extra hit if you were aiming at him directly, and he was above you causing you to register a hit faster, as you are not constantly changing position.

    Ping is the ultimate reason for in-game lag. This is always best when it is very low and around the 10-30 range. You can check out my guide on how to reduce ping here. This is sometimes good when it is high so you can register more hits but it is generally bad overall.

    I hope all of these methods are effective with everybody! Hope to see you in my next guide!