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[GUIDE] How to use the forums

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rex, Oct 22, 2018.

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    Oct 15, 2018
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    Writing on the Minevibe Forums

    This guide is for people who want to know how to post on the forum here at Minevibe, which may extend to other forums using the same base code. But for the purposes of this guide, being as I have absolutely no wish to get an earful for advertising, i'll not mention any other site here. Minevibe forever and whatnot.

    Anything in BOLD and BLUE is a main topic. If you are looking to improve a section of skills, look at everything underneath this type of text.
    Anything in BOLD is a sub-topic. If you are searching for something specific, look for this type of text.

    For anyone looking to use more complex BBCode, you're welcome to consult the BBCode guide here: https://minevibe.net/help/bb-codes
    This guide will be about simpler methods of doing this, so you don't have to write all those complex tags out :p

    If you have any questions about any steps on this guide, please comment below and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

    Levels of Difficulty are shown. This is my own opinion, and to some people things I consider harder may be easy, please note that this guide is generalized for all players :)

    Difficulty: Beginners

    Formatting Text

    This will probably be the easiest thing I will be explaining here. Editing and Formatting text is just a simple matter of mashing buttons together until a dull paragraph becomes a work of art.

    To color text, all you have to do is highlight the text you wish to color and press this button: [​IMG]
    Choose the color you wish to have and boom, your text should be magically colored.

    To make text Bold, Underlined or Italic, highlight the text you wish to format, use these buttons here: [​IMG]
    B stands for Bold, I stands for Italic and U stands for Underline.​

    To resize text, highlight the text you wish to resize, and use this button: [​IMG]
    The numbers displayed are font sizes.
    Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7

    To change the text font, highlight the text you wish to re-font, and click this button: [​IMG]

    To change the alignment of text, highlight the text you want to align and click this button: [​IMG]
    It will tell you where in the page the text will be aligned. This section is currently aligned as Center.
    To make text interactive, linking to another page, highlight the text you want to link, and press the first button here: [​IMG]

    The second of these buttons unlinks highlighted text, in-case you change your mind.

    Adding Organisation to Text

    Organizing your text makes it easier for people to read. A solid paragraph of test with 2 full stops and an emoji is going to make people go... "Oh, but I don't wanna read that!"

    To make a paragraph... Only kidding, you guys know how to do that!
    Adding bullet points should be done before writing text, but you can still highlight text to make it into a list. When you want to begin a bullet point list, press one of these buttons: [​IMG]

    The first button is to make a dotted list.
    The second is to make a numbered list, in order from 1.
    Emojis! Easy peasy :p. When you want an Emoji, press Mr. smiles: [​IMG]

    Below all the colon tags for emojis so that you can write them in on Mobile if necessary. Make sure to remove the spaces in between the tags, I had to put them to prevent them from registering.

    :heart: - : heart :
    :heartbreak: - : heartbreak :
    :kiss: - : kiss :
    :hearteyes: - : hearteyes :
    :laughter: - : laughter :
    :) - : smile :
    :yay: - : yay:
    ;) - : wink :
    :think: - : think :
    :cool: - : cool :
    :p - : p
    :D - : D
    :eek: - : eek:
    :tear: - : tear :
    :tear: - : sad :
    o_O - o _ O
    :mad: - : mad :
    :gross: - : gross :

    Finishing a New Thread


    To submit a new thread, all you have to do is press the Create Thread button shown above. ​

    It will then create a brand new thread for that section of the forum!
    To upload a file attachment to your thread, press the upload file button shown above.​

    It will then ask you to select the file you wish to upload, which other users can download.
    You can use this to upload images, but if you want to display an image, consult the 'Adding Images' section of this guide as it will look better.
    Please note that sending malicious/inappropriate files may result in a severe punishment.
    To preview your post full size before submitting, press the 'Preview' button shown above.​

    You'll see what it would look like after you post it, as it may look slightly different than the writing box when full size on a page.
    Part 2
    Difficulty: Hard(ish)

    Using Additional Features:

    Quote is a copy and paste version of the 'Reply' button. But instead of you getting an immediate quote and ID of the player you're quoting, you just get a box that looks like a quote that doesn't come from anyone. This can be helpful if you're quoting another site or another thread on Minevibe.​

    Pressing it makes these in chat: [​IMG]
    To use them, put whatever text in you want to quote, and it'll appear as a quote box on your actually message!

    Now I going to show how you quote a player and a thread, which is helpful if you're quoting another thread in a reply.

    Still think it is easy? o_O

    Spoiler is a feature that hides text, so that it requires the user to actually click the spoiler to view it's content. You use this so it doesn't spoil anything, unless the user wants to know.​

    All you have to do for this, is highlight the text, click the spoiler button and enter a title. If you just want the button to show without the custom title, leave it blank and press 'Continue'.

    Code is a feature that shows you a programming language is being used. It helps to format the code so it doesn't look all ugly as plain text. You can select the type of code to show, or leave it blank. ​

    To use this, click where you want the code box to display, select a programming language (it can be left to general) and enter the code. It is better for formatting if you copy the code from the software you used to code it, so that it is not edited in transit.

    The Emergency Features


    Remove Formatting quickly eliminates ALL text formatting you have done. That means colors, features or fonts, anything that formats your text! If you press this accidentally, use the Undo button. This button is the third button above and looks like an eraser (sort of).
    BB Code Editor. If you know how to use BB Code (I actually don't) then this is your button! As you guessed, fourth button above. If you want to know how to do this, there are a lot of guides on it that can help you out!​

    Other Features

    Reporting a thread is easy. You can report a thread for anything that violates the Minevibe's rules. Find the thread or comment you feel needs to be brought to a Moderator's attention, press the 'Report' button and enter the reason for your report (e.g Advertising, Ban Appeal in Wrong Section). ​

    To get your thread deleted or locked, report your own thread and a Moderator can easily handle it for you! Just know that a Moderator WILL review your thread for content you may want removed, and won't ignore anything :p
    The 'Edit' button is a feature that can ONLY be used on your own threads. Press it to edit the content of your comment or message in a small pop-up screen. Please note, if the thread is locked before you edit it, your edit will be rejected by the system.​

    Multi-Quote is a feature in which you can collect quotes, and paste them automatically into your reply box. Press Multi-Quote on the comments you want to quote, then on the reply bar press 'Insert Quotes'. It will open a screen in which you can order how your quotes come in.​

    Don't worry, it's over! We're done!
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    That must have taken you a long time to write :laughter:. Anyways, this is an easy-to-follow guide and I love the personality you gave to it to make it not so robotic! Great work :heart:
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    Very informative! Thank you for the heads up. I’m sure this will come in handy to other members. It might even deserve a pin ;)
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    This is a great guide, I can see you put a lot of effort into it!
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    Yeah!! Really good @Staff move to general discussion and pin imo!!!
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    Very detailed and useful! Thanks for creating this to help others :yay:
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